Our Services - Fresh Start Rehabilitation
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Our Services

FreshStart Rehabilitation provides the following services to meet your individual health and fitness goals:

  • Initial assessment: covering current health status and future health goal setting, exercise and physical activity history, and review of concurrent treatments
  • Pre and Post surgery exercise programming
  • Development of clinical exercise program (can be individual or group sessions), including cardio and resistance (weight) training
  • Instruction on technique and self-management strategies
  • Written reports to your GP/specialist detailing treatment plan and progress
  • Ongoing periodic assessment to track progress and identify any modifications to fitness and health needs
  • Exercise for Cancer based treatment – Individual and group
  • Chronic Disease –Lifestyle Management and exercise programming, Individual and group
  • Proactive injury management for active people
  • Falls prevention management plans

Exercise Prescriptions

Exercise prescriptions are much more than personal training programs at a gym. Exercise has emerged as an essential component to effective prevention and management of chronic disease and injury prevention, with strong research developing in treatment of obesity, cancer, depression, respiratory and cardiovascular disease.  FreshStart Rehabilitation exercise prescriptions are tailored plans to meet individual health goals; can be undertaken in conjunction with conventional medicine; and can continue post treatment to ensure the best results in function, exercise, strength and medical health are achieved.

Cancer Care

For many, cancer survivorship is associated with long-term adverse physical and psychosocial symptoms. An emerging area of health research is the positive effect of prescribed exercise strength-resistance and aerobic intervention for people diagnosed with cancer prior, adjunct and post medical treatment.



Research of exercise during and after cancer treatment has proven to be safe and effective in improving physical fitness; reducing fatigue; reducing risk of anxiety and depression; improving general function; and enhancing health-related quality of life (HRQoL). Such improvements in cardiovascular and muscular health have also been attributed to increasing capacity for continuing to live independently and future-proofing against falls and fractures.

Musculoskeletal Injury

Rehabilitation pre-surgery or “prehabilitation” has been proven to assist in post-operative return to function for many with conditions such as osteoarthritis and sports-related injuries such as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Exercise programs tailored to the specific condition and surgery undertaken is evidenced to not only improve recovery but also ensure outcomes are met in improved timeframes.

Chronic Disease 

There is high quality evidence that preoperative exercise is effective in reducing the length of stay and the number of post admission complications for numerous chronic diseases including cardiac, stroke, osteoarthritis, and diabetes. Exercise prescription has been proven to not only prevent chronic disease from occurring but also be effective when used concurrently with drug therapies. Exercise physiology provides safe and effective therapy in reduction of morbidity and mortality from chronic disease in conjunction with individualised health plans from consulting physicians and general practitioners, reducing need for hospitalisation.



Systematic and meta analyses have also been conducted on the use of exercise prescription for treatment of anxiety and depression. As an adjunct to pharmacological interventions, exercise has been demonstrated to improve overall severity of symptoms.

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