About Us - Fresh Start Rehabilitation
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About Us

FreshStart Rehabilitation supports clients with a range of chronic health conditions and injuries to regain optimal health and fitness, using best evidence-based exercise prescription and specialist support.

What does an Exercise Physiologist do?

Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) are trained and accredited allied health specialists who provide tailored exercise prescription and routinely collaborate with medical and other health disciplines to coordinate care programs. AEPs have completed four years of university study and have a wide range of knowledge and experience about the human body and benefit of exercise on mental and physical health.



Accredited Exercise Physiologists are allied health professionals, providing exercise and lifestyle therapies for the prevention and management of chronic disease, injury and disability.



AEPs eligible for Medicare Provider numbers and are trained members of the health and medical sector. Fitness professionals (e.g. personal trainers) are members of the sport and recreation sector.

What is FreshStart Rehabilitation?

FreshStart Rehabilitation is a family-run business driven to work with you, individually to meet your own health, fitness, strength and functional goals.



A GP or consulting medical practitioner can refer to FreshStart Rehabilitation to improve self-management of a pre-existing injury or chronic health condition, or to support you to increase your physical activity levels in a safe way. FreshStart Rehabilitation is Medicare-approved for treatment of chronic diseases and will work closely with your medical team to ensure rapid and effective ongoing health results.   You can also self-refer to FreshStart Rehabilitation and we can arrange and process HiCAPs claims with your private health provider at time of treatment. For more information, please check with your GP or Private Health Insurer.

Exercise has become increasingly evidenced as an essential component of effective health care; with increased use in improving surgical outcomes and treatment of chronic conditions. Contact us today to make an enquiry.